1. Where can I buy TOTAKU™ figurines?
    • TOTAKU™ figurines are available to buy from selected retailers around the world, you can find stores if you click on the SHOP NOW button on the individual character page
  2. Do TOTAKU figurines interact with my consoles? 
    • Currently TOTAKU™  figurines are not interactive with any video game or console, they are solely designed to be displayed 
  3. Can I buy TOTAKU™  Figurines from this website?
    • No this is an information and fan website only, with more functionality to come in the future so keep coming back to get more announcements. 
  4. Will you re-print figures if they sell out?
    • There may be occasions when TOTAKU™  figurines do sell out, and depending on the character will be evaluated for re-production based on demand for the character. All initial printings of a character will come with a ‘FIRST EDITION’ stamp on the packaging so that you know it was part of the initial run of production. After their first edition they will not have this lozenge. 
  5. Will there be any special editions or RARE figures?
    • There will from time to time be some unique versions of the figures, we cannot give away what they would be right now but you may notice some special items straight away when you shop for TOTAKU™  instore and Online. Every TOTAKU™  will be listed on the site, including any variations that may come out. 
  6. What does TOTAKU™  mean?
    • TOTAKU™ is our name for the figurines, pronounced TOE TAK OO and is Japanese in Origin. Our logo has the Kanji for GEEK, which is essentially what this collection is about. Our deep love and passion for the characters flows through in our care and love for creating these figures, born of our passion for them. 
  7. Why are some characters blacked out?
    • With all collections sometimes the final figure is not able to be shown, but we still want to talk about it and share what is coming with you the fan. Therefore the blacked out characters are our special sneak peek at what is coming and allows us to announce characters way before any official release, allowing us to share this information with you. Keep checking into the website and follow us on Social Media to keep fully informed about the new releases coming through. 
  8. Why are the characters numbered?
    • We’ve numbered the collection to make it easy for customers to track what is coming and what has come out already. The numbering system is very straight forward and is for the overall collection not per license or franchise, which makes it super easy for fans to know how many are in the collection and keep up with the collection. There may be some exceptions in the future where a particular character has two versions under the same number, this will be due to a variant and may not be fully acknowledged until discovered. 
  9. How deep into a game will the series go? 
    • Initially we plan to bring the hero characters or main characters from any one game out first, to allow fans from multiple games collect the main hero. As time goes on and the collection builds there may be opportunities to go deeper into the back catalogue of a particular game, but in the first instance we will be focussed on the hero characters. 
  10. How do you decide which characters to produce?
    • This is a very long process that takes a lot of time and negotiation with the games publishers, the final decisions are usually based around a theme or a new release coming along that might prompt us to bring a character from that game or series to the TOTAKU™  Collection. Join us on social media to have your say in what we bring out in the future. MYTOTAKU is there for everyone to enjoy and partake in. 
  11. Will there be any Collectors Editions?
    • There will be some Collectors Editions where the game will come pre-packed with the TOTAKU™  figurine in a unique collectors box, these will be available for a limited period of time at selected retailers which will be announced as they are launched.